EPICK™ is the Governance, Risk and Compliance platform designed to support complex public and private organizations.

The solution meets the needs of the Project Manager and Risk Officer by supporting:

  • The conduction and monitoring over time of GRC activities of complex projects.
  • The management of workflows and information exchanged with internal (business unit) and external (suppliers and users) stakeholders.
  • The creation of what-if scenarios and predictive analysis.

With EPICK™ each customer improves its own performance and optimizes resources and costs thanks to the knowledge capture path of information vital to the organization.

The tool operates in a modular and incremental manner: it is possible to implement its functions, from a basic configuration and then, extend the service to the other available modules in order to gradually cover the critical areas of the client.

Through the acquisition of the domain and the technological knowledge of a complex organization, the platform allows for the intelligent digitalisation of the costumer's main business processes, to ensure its alignment, constantly monitored, with strategies and objectives, in compliance with regulatory and budget constraints.

Thanks to EPICK™'s flexible architecture it is possible to use the product in heterogeneous fields such as: Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Public Administration, etc.

The expert know-how and methodological approach adopted by the GRC solution is based on 20 years of lesson learned matured by Creasys, through a worldwide working relationship with major national and international customers. In addition to product design and development, Creasys also manages its distribution in European and Asian markets.

The control of the US market is entrusted to the partner company Icosmos Corp. based in Washington D.C.