The Epick™ platform provides Project Managers and Risk Officers, working in public agencies and private players, with a series of Governance, Risk & Compliance modules.

The functions that make up each module are dedicated to the evaluation, monitoring and digital management of documents and strategic information of a complex organization, related to:

  • Organizational structure, business processes, assets, etc…
  • Costs, risks, non-conformities and critical aspects of a program/project and/or supply contract.
  • Mandatory external requirements (laws, regulations, etc.) and voluntary internal requirements (company policies, code of ethics, etc…).

The functions, thanks to their flexibility and initial assessment by the customer, can be configured to specific requirements.

This feature of the platform allowed it to incorporate, to date, different verticalizations in heterogeneous areas such as: Defence, Healthcare, Data Security and ICT projects.

EPICK™ adopts an incremental approach to the management of complex projects and this allows the customer to implement an initial set of functions, to intervene on a particular critical area of its core business, and then extend the use of the solution.

To learn more about the functions of the platform, please refer to the contribution available in this section and contact us for a live demo.

To learn more about the specifications of each module, we invite you to click on the following icons in order to display the available datasheets.