The EPICK platform has been particularly designed to support the work of Project Managers and Risk Officers working in governmental agencies and private players who need to implement integrated GRC (Governance, Risk e Compliance) systems.

The solution, developed by Creasys and distributed in the US market together its subsidiary Icosmos Corp., is compliant to: to:

  • The ISO 31000 standards.
  • The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • The ERM framework ERM for CoSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organization of the Treadway Commission)
  • The ERM Playbook of the US Federal Government

Together with the core functions, which make the platform an effective tool for the implementation and monitoring of GRC activities, EPICK™ provides a user-friendly interface and a rangeof options for profiling the Data and Functions on the defined users. Specifically, each user can be profiled according to the role and the associated company, for example in the case of customers operating with holding companies and industrial groups.

Finally, the platform's modular and flexible architecture guarantees the respect of the strategic and operational needs of every customer, as well as the development of on-demand verticalisations of the solution.

EPICK™ is based on Liferay and Alfresco technologies, world leaders in Open Source solutions for the development of Enterprise Portal and ECM and BPM solutions.

Through the acquisition of the domain and the technological knowledge of a complex organization, the platform allows for the intelligent digitalisation of the costumer's main business processes, to ensure its alignment, constantly monitored, with strategies and objectives, in compliance with regulatory and budget constraints.

To learn more about the features of the platform, please refer to the contributions made available in this section.