The EPICKGRC platform, responds in particular to the operational and strategic needs of Risk Officers and Project Managers of government agencies and private players, supporting them in the management of their roles characterised by strong interdependencies with internal stakeholders (business units) and external stakeholders (of projects and supply contracts).

The use of the platform, in addition to improving customer performance, allows the optimization of resources and costs thanks to the knowledge management of information vital for "the company".

The know-how provided by Epick™, is based on the 16 year experience which Creasys, the European parent company of Icosmos Corp., has with clients from allover the world.

In order to effectively support the U.S. market customers in the implementation of GRC systems, Epick™ has been contextualized, with the contribution of Icosmos Corp.'s american partners, with respect to specific processes and procedures such as the requirements of the U.S. federal ERM Playbook.

The platform is based on technologies such as Liferay and Alfresco, world leader in Open Source solutions for web-based applications.

Epick™ also operates in a modular and incremental way and thanks to a bottom-up approach, it is possible to implement its functions from a particular critical area of the customer, subsequently extending the use of the solution to other areas.

Epick™ solution success is guaranteed by the total flexible and scalable approach that fits like a glove to clients’ need.